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Chris A. Jackson - Sailing writer, or writing sailor... Not sure which.

Author of fantasy and sf. Current projects: Pathfinder Tales "Pirate's Honor" and forthcoming "Pirate's Promise" with Paizo Publishing, Skull Island Expeditions novella (as yet untitled) forthcoming from Privateer Press, Weapon of Flesh Trilogy (self published Kindle top 100 seller), Scimitar Seas series from Dragon Moon Press (Three sequential gold medals from Foreword Book Reviews for best fantasy novel of the year), and more. For a full listing of my work, drop by www.jaxbooks.com. Chapters and audiobooks posted for a taste, so drop by. Personal information: Quit my day job to go sailing in 2009, and have not gone back since. Currently sailing and writing in the Caribbean... New adventures every day, and new books to write... Sailing blog at www.sailmrmac.blogspot.com.